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I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on May 29, 1987. My real name is Mathías Montossi. I decided to go by the name of Matiut because is much shorter, the .com domain was free and is easier to pronounce for people that don't speak Spanish.

I was introduced to music by my uncle. He used to play guitar when he was younger and had a giant collection of rock and blues CDs that constantly borrowed from him. I began playing with his own first guitar at age 15.

At the beginning, I took lessons for 4 years. After that, I continued learning by myself focusing in develop my own voice.

The genre I studied the most is rock. But, I enjoy music in general. I love melodies and grooves. Occasionally I listen and try to borrow ideas from blues, house, funk and jazz too.

I attempted to form several bands, always involving myself not only as a player, but as a composer as well. With some of them, we managed to record in the studio.

However, with time I noticed that if I'm willing to learn about music production, I have a chance to make my own path. Which made me decide to focus mainly on making instrumental guitar songs.

I hope you enjoy what I do! If so, please Like, comment or follow me on social media.

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